Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Rants

What's going on with Katie Couric's eyebrows? Did someone in the makeup department at CBS watch an old episode of Batman with Catwoman??

Al Sharpton is trying to prove that he is related to Strom Thurmond. My God, it's not even a presidential election year and the nuts are pouring out of the woodwork. What will 2008 bring?

All of which brings us to Al "The Big Bore" Gore. Al's "documentary" won an Academy Award on Sunday night. I remember when documentaries were not works of fiction.

Al was in his element at the Academy Awards show. Surrounded by the Hollywooders, Al appeared almost human. There's nothing more entertaining than watching all the Hollywooders suck up to Big Al. They didn't just kiss his ass, they licked it dry.

It turns out that Big Al's home in Nashville uses TWENTY times as much electricity as the average American home. His usage has INCREASED since his "documentary" came out. It's the same old story, the do-gooder liberals want to tell YOU what YOU need to do, they don't follow their own rules.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans want to take over the operation of the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond. Rumors that they will eBay artifacts to pay legal fees to the SLRC are considered premature. Also unknown is how the biker items and Klan memorabilia will fit into the museum's mission.

People are surprised that Britney Spears is in rehab (as of this writing) again. She shaved her head and got a tattoo on a Friday night. It was either rehab or enlist in the Navy.

I didn't check the news tonight but I don't think Anna Nicole Smith has been buried yet. After the Oscar winning performance by the judge in Florida, I can't believe that she hasn't been buried yet. The judge's performance in the case ends any idea that all judges are able to make an impartial decision.


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