Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I left the restaurant around 4:00 PM today and headed home. The phone rang around 6:15 and I went to answer it. Expecting an opportunity to expose some unsuspecting telemarketer to my wit and extensive vocabulary, I was surprised to see that it was our night manager calling.

"Hey Gilbert! Some reporter is here from Fox 8 trying to get a comment from you or Bart about Starmount selling the property."

"WHAT??? Hell, I don't know anything about Starmount putting the shopping center up for sale! Go ahead and put her on the phone."

The reporter explained to me that about three hours earlier, Starmount had announced that they were putting their retail properties and Green Valley Office Park up for sale. Fox 8 was trying to get merchant reaction to the announcement. "When did they notify you?", she asked.

"They didn't contact me and since the owner hasn't called, I'm pretty sure they haven't notified him"

"How long have you been open at this location?"

"Thirty five years."

"And they didn't notify you?"

"Apparently not."

End of telephone interview.

As we have more than ten years left on our lease, we don't have a lot of concerns. Our biggest hope is that a new owner will understand the word "COMMUNICATION".


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