Wednesday, May 23, 2007

John Edwards' War on Poverty

You have to love John Edwards and his "War on Poverty". I haven't seen this many missteps since my ninth grade prom.

First he declared that there are Two Americas, the rich and the poor. He followed this up by moving into a 30,000 square foot home. I guess this was to let us know which America that he is in.

Then we found that he had worked briefly for a hedge fund that paid him half a million dollars for a little bit of work. Most people who vote Democratic don't even know what a hedge fund is. I guess that helps John.

Then his campaign pays $400 for John to get a haircut. Tell us that "Two Americas" fairy tale again. I guess that John is just doing his part to help hairdressers make more money.

Now comes the report that John charged $55,000 to deliver a speech about poverty at the University of California -Davis. How can it cost 55 Grand to speak about poverty?

John Edwards- Liar, fake, phony, hypocrite, politician, ambulance-chaser, the choices are almost endless.


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