Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Got Dem Child Support Blues"

On Friday I interviewed a guy for a position as a dishwasher at 3:15. In almost every interview I ask the big question, "Why should I hire you and not someone else?" The responses fall into two categories. The first category is people who tell me things such as "I need a job", "I have a lot of bills", "My parents told me to get a job", and the all too frequent "I gotta work. I got child support to pay". The other category comes from people who actually understand the question and give responses such as "I will be here everyday", "I will work hard and learn all that I can", and "I will be an asset to your business".

I rarely hire anyone with answers from category one. My dishwasher applicant fell into category one. He told me that he had bills and child support to pay. I thanked him for coming in for the interview and let him know that I would make a decision by Sunday and notify him. I spoke to the manager who had done the first interview to get his opinion since mine was slightly negative. After speaking to him, I decided to think about it and decide Sunday.

At 3:30 the mail carrier delivered our mail. In the mail was a request for earnings information from the Guilford County Child Support Enforcement Agency for my dishwasher applicant. It was dated two days ago. I called them to inquire as to how they sent the information request to us. They told me that they got his name and the information from a New Employees database where employers submit information for the state. I pointed out that we had not yet hired him and had not submitted his name. She could offer no explanation.

This is a new record! Fifteen minutes after an interview, I received a request for child support information. Normally I have to wait three or four days after hiring to find out who the deadbeats are. I have had some new hires quit before the request arrives or when the request arrives. For a request to precede hiring is incredible. Short answer, I'm not hiring him.


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