Thursday, June 07, 2007

Road Trip Random Thoughts

I took a field trip on Wednesday to pickup a load of military surplus that I had recently purchased. It's always good to get a little road time to let my mind wander.

At Fort Bragg they use civilian guards at the gates to handle security checks. There is probably no money more wasted in this country than money spent on "security checks". At Fort Bragg, they look under your hood and you have to open all doors and compartments so that they can look inside. I am not sure exactly what they are looking for and I'm not sure that they know either. Rather than looking through engine compartments and trunks hoping that someone has a bomb that is clearly labeled "bomb", wouldn't it be easier to just look at an ID and ask a couple of questions? Is it easier to see if someone is nervous, their story doesn't make sense, or something just doesn't fit than to play hide and seek with something in a motor vehicle? It would be a lot quicker and probably more effective. But in America we are so terrified of offending anyone by "profiling" that we piss off everyone with "security checks".

I bought about 1000 pounds of gasoline field range accessory kits. They are almost all unused and never opened. I haven't figured out what to do with all of them, but I never let that stand in my way. I picked up four field ranges a few months ago so I at least have a starting point. My wife knows that my standard answer to her question "Why did you buy that?" rarely changes, "Someone, somewhere, is waiting to buy that from me."

As I drove to Fort Bragg, I saw that gas was below $3 a gallon. Who would have thought that we would ever have reached the point that we would be happy to see gas at $2.99? I guess that the oil companies dropped prices after starting the travel season with the Annual Memorial Day Screwing of motorists. I liked it better when they just flew a bunch of American Flags on the holiday, except in Raleigh, of course.

A couple of weeks ago, the government charged several railroads with price fixing. I guess that the bureaucrats are hanging out in freight yards instead of stopping at a gas station on the way home. Hey Guys! Have you heard about the price of gasoline???

Scooter Libby was sentenced to thirty months for lying about a crime that did not happen. Let's waste more money creating criminals. Does anyone remember every detail of every conversation months or years later? Bush should borrow someone's balls for a day, save the taxpayers some money, and pardon Libby. What difference will it make? Don't waste your time telling me any drivel about Valerie Plame, the alleged secret agent. This case is about politics and nothing more. If anyone needs some jail time, it should be the prosecutor for squandering our money on this chickenshit case. Burt Reynolds said it best in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. " I've got a pretty good built-in bullshit detector and I can tell when someone is pissing on my boots and calling it a rainstorm." The prosecutor, Mr. Fitzgerald, is pissing on our boots.

I read today that Newt Gingrich is placing the odds that he will run for President at 4 to 1. My prediction for the 2008 race is Gingrich versus Gore. You read it here first.

While the appearance of today's teenage girls leads us to believe that they are better nourished than in the past, they aren't consuming anything that could be considered "brain food". If God made anything dumber than a teenage girl, he kept it to himself. A girl who works at the restaurant is so dumb, I refer to her as Chevy. You've seen the ads "Chevy, like a rock". She is rock stupid, dirt dumb, pick an expression, none go far enough. Her only Chance in life is to marry well.


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