Saturday, June 02, 2007

Raleigh- City of Flag Haters- Updated

In yesterday's tirade, I discussed Raleigh's attempts to ban the display of more than three American flags at businesses. Last night I read several articles trying to find out if the Raleigh city government is really that stupid or if there has been a "media mixup". Good news, they are dumber than previously believed.

The law that Raleigh is trying to enforce is thirty years old. It was amended in 1993 to include American flags. I have included this information to show that government stupidity is not a passing fad. The Raleigh ordinance actually bans display of more than three "wind blown signs". The city has decided that flags, all flags, are "wind blown signs".

That's right, "wind blown signs". Was Francis Bellamy's Pledge of Allegiance written about a "wind blown sign"? "The Star Spangled Banner" that Key saw over Fort McHenry is just another "wind blown sign". The Marines at Iwo Jima fought and struggled to raise a "wind blown sign" at the summit of Mount Suribachi. Patton's army fought their way through the German Army and the winter to keep the "wind blown sign" flying at Bastogne. The City of Raleigh finds the flag that your father or grandfather fought under at Omaha Beach to be no different than a vinyl banner proclaiming "8 pieces, 4 biscuits $6.99". Are you offended yet?? This is government stupidity taken to a whole new level!!

This is all part of an attempt by city inspectors to "clean up" Capital Boulevard. Yes, "clean up" by removing the flag of our country. The hookers and the drug dealers can stay but those American flags have to go. The tattoo parlors, the adult bookstores, and the titty bars are all protected by the Constitution but Old Glory is on her own. What kind of reasoning is this? The average IQ in the inspections department in Raleigh must be in single digits.

And for my final shot of the day, has the ACLU been heard from on this matter? Of course not, they are only interested if you want to burn the flag.


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