Saturday, July 21, 2007

I love stupid people- pro sports version

Have you heard that Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball for betting on games that his team was playing? It's been several years since that happened but apparently Tim Donaghy, NBA referee, had not heard about it. The FBI is investigating Tim's gambling habits. It appears that he may have bet on games that he was officiating. This brings fixing games to a new high or low, depending upon your point of view. Why should criminals bribe an athlete to throw a game when they can get a single official to fix it for them? Let's face it, it's probably cheaper and more effective to buy a ref than a player. Stay tuned to see if Tim makes the top ten on the Stupid Person list this year!

A shoo-in for Stupid Person of the year is Michael Vick, at this moment still the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. Mr. Vick has ben indicted on federal charges connected with dog fighting. Here's a guy making millions a year and he risks it all to breed dogs and watch them try to kill each other.

How stupid is Mike Vick?? The rumor is that originally he was interested in getting involved with cockfighting but changed his mind when he found out that cockfighting actually involves roosters. There's still time Mike!! Louisiana finally outlawed cockfighting a couple of weeks ago, the last state in the country to do so. The ban does not take effect until 2008. So if the Falcons will trade him to the New Orleans Saints, he can play football and watch animals kill each other. He could be a real hero in Louisiana. I think dogfighting is good for a seat in Congress from Louisiana.

Mike's real problem may be neither the NFL nor the federal indictment. His problem is Arthur Blank, the owner of the Falcons. That is Arthur Blank of Home Depot fame and fortune, heavy on the fortune. I figure that about the time the first spoofs of Home Depot commercials hit the Internet showing Vick giving how-to classes on building dogfighting pits, Vick will be history. If not, I would hate to guess what the dog lovers in the stands will be throwing Mike's way this season. The NFL will need to post guys on the sideline with Pooper Scoopers.


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