Saturday, July 07, 2007

TV and me

WUNC Public Television has a show called Black Issues Forum. Is there a show called White Issues Forum?

I saw Bill Maher on Tavis Smiley on PBS last night, I am pretty sure it was a rerun. Smiley asked Maher to explain why he attacks Bush but defends Joe Biden for his remarks. Maher responded by stating, "Bush can't talk." He followed with a dissertation on how stupid he believes that Bush is. I'm guessing that the senators who are worried about the right wingers on talk radio don't watch the lefties on television.

I am thinking of trying to get a gardening show on PBS. They need a fat, bald, straight guy to balance all of the other hosts.

OK, forget the gardening show. I like to watch The Woodright's Shop with Roy Underhill and New Yankee Worshop with Norm Abrams. Roy can take a knife and a tree and make a chair while Norm has every tool known to man. How about a show that real people can relate to? I am thinking of hosting a show where household problems are solved using hammers, screwdrivers, WD-40, duct tape, JB weld, and brute force. I believe in the old adage, Don't force it, get a bigger hammer.

Yes, I watched more television than usual today. Mercifully, Hell's Kitchen wasn't on today. I watched an episode of that a couple of weeks ago and was stunned by stupid stuff that the alleged "chefs" were doing. One female chef pulled some spaghetti out a trash can and washed it off to use. Another was doing a good job portioning food with tongs. At least it looked good until she licked the tongs to see how the food tasted.

I was going to watch the NASCAR race from Daytona tonight but NASCAR's sellout to television continues. The race is on cable and I'm too cheap for cable. I'm not really a big race fan but the roar of engines and the sight of forty three cars making endless left turns lulls me to sleep. I tend to wake up a couple of minutes after a big wreck and just before the race ends. I guess I will just turn to COPS and watch endless violations of the Constitution. More on that another day.


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