Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Morning After?

No, it's not what you think. This is the morning after Valentine's Day. Men across the country are waking up and thinking "How much did I spend on yesterday?"

Obama's next stimulus package should just make Valentine's Day a monthly holiday.That would boost consumer spending.  It's also an election year. That move would bring the women voters into his camp. In Obama related news, I gave a Valentine's Day card with Obama on the cover to a friend who voted for him. Wondering what this card looks like? I wrote about it a few weeks ago on this blog. I have probably just reduced my friend count by one!!

Valentine's Day serves to remind men of the inequities that exist in our relationships with women. Don't believe me?? If you're a man, what did you get yesterday for Valentine's Day? Sex doesn't count unless Valentine's is your day for the year. I figure that men outspend women at about a 50 to 1 ratio. Maybe higher. More than once, I have been told that is how it's supposed to be. Of course, that's the view from Venus.

My wife came home yesterday and told me that her office was abuzz with the news that one of the men in the office had a gift basket delivered to him at work for Valentine's Day. His wife, or the woman he loves, I'm not sure about the particulars, sent him a large fruit basket. They are all agog that he received a gift basket. What does this say about the fairer sex?? Do you think that any of them were thinking "I should have sent my husband something." No.

Who do I really feel sorry for this morning? The unrequited love crowd. Yes, the guys who pick Valentine's Day to try to get the object of their desire to notice that they are alive and in love. Every man has been through that at some point. Unrequited love in men is so common as to be considered a rite of passage. It has no age limits. Whether it's the little red haired girl at the desk in front of you in school or the sixty-something with the beautiful smile, we have all been there. It's almost always a heart breaker.

How do I know about unrequited love? Valentine's Day, 1978. It's been thirty four years and it still haunts me. Before you ask, that was before I met my wife. That day, I learned my Valentine's lesson for life. Don't do anything for Valentine's Day expecting anything in return. That way you will never be disappointed. I still observe that rule. Valentine's Day is a day to express your love for someone. There are no guarantees on results. I'm not going to write any more about that fateful day today.

For some guys the lesson above is a day too late. Sorry, fellas. Check the blog archives next year for a reminder before February 14.

If you are reading this and thinking that I need professional help, it's okay. I'm fine. It's just a brief moment of reflection. It's the same feeling that a lot of people get the day after Christmas. It's the Peggy Lee song, "Is that all there is?"

If Hallmark didn't say it well enough for you yesterday, here's a quote from a song by the late Jerry Reed for you to use in a note or e-mail today. Maybe I'll even use it with the woman I love!!
"No, I'm not a poet. But if I were a poet and had every word in the world at my command, my poem would still be I love you. I love you, what more can I say?"


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