Friday, January 27, 2012

More Debate

The Republican Presidential candidates forum last night on CNN was the most entertaining political event that I have seen in years.

It was a little like watching a prize fight. Romney was trying to throw the knockout punch, Gingrich was ducking and swerving. They both connected on a few punches, but a couple of jabs were dangerously close to below the belt. The moderator gave the two heavyweights regular breaks by giving Santorum and Paul a chance to speak.

Santorum was animated last night, almost life-like. I almost considered taking back what I wrote about him the other day. Nah!! Okay, so he did take a couple of good shots at both Newt and Mitt! What he we come to in this country? Our choices for president go by Newt and Mitt. Are you serious? What happened to Harry, Bill or Jimmy?

Newt missed the chance of a lifetime to score with some self-deprecating humor. He could have brought down the house with just two words. I still think that it's a stupid question, but when Wolf Blitzer asked, "Why would your wife make the best First Lady?", Newt should have said, "Which wife?"

From my point of view and it's the only one that counts on this blog, the winner was clearly Ron Paul. He stayed on course with his message all evening. The other candidates often agreed with him on points that he made.

Paul clearly won in the wit department. When Blitzer asked him if Newt and Mitt should return any money that they made on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac investments, Paul said, "That subject just doesn't really interest me," He then went on to make a point about smaller government. When asked about his health, Paul challenged the other candidates to go on a 25 mile bike ride with him in the Texas heat. Gingrich couldn't do a 25 mile bike ride down hill with someone else pedaling, Romney would hire it out and Santorum would make his wife do it. So Paul is not going to get any takers on that.

My favorite moment was when Blitzer asked Paul, "Imagine that you are in the Oval Office. Raul Castro calls. What do you say to him?" Paul responded, "I'm going to ask him what he called about." Paul also said that we need to quit worrying about the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and use some of those assets to secure our border with Mexico.

Overall, the debate was good. Mitt showed why he is the candidate of the Republican establishment and Newt showed why he isn't. Santorum showed us that after he gets old enough to shave we can give him a shot at the job. Paul showed us that if you want real change, you will have to vote outside of the box. You can't get different results by electing people from the same group year after year. I'm going to Yanceyville on Monday to change to an "independent." Wait!! On second thought, I will wait until I vote for Paul in the primary election.


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