Friday, January 20, 2012

Presidential Debate??

I watched the highlights from the South Carolina debate last night. CNN demonstrated that they have no real interest in providing a fair discussion of the country's future when the opening question was directed to Newt Gingrich and was about his ex-wife's charges that he has low morals.

Low morals in a politician? I'm taken aback. What's the degree of difficulty in getting some one's ex-wife to talk trash about them? How hard would you have to look to find that?  You could probably find some one's current wife willing to talk trash about them.

It is interesting to note the change in moral standards at CNN. They have become so much more concerned about Presidential morals than they were during other times. The Clinton administration comes to mind for some reason.

Where was CNN when Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky turned the Oval Office into the Oral office?? Oh wait! That doesn't count, they were both Democrats. What about Clinton and Paula Jones? Clinton and Geniffer Flowers? How about Clinton and (insert name of big-breasted, big-haired bimbo here)?? By now, even the slow among you must understand this point. I will move on.

Should we discuss CNN and their handling of the John Edwards story? Edwards was having an affair with some airhead while running for President and no one noticed. The only media source that ran that story was the National Enquirer. I can't believe that I used "media source" and "National Enquirer"in the same sentence.

Can you imagine some CNN reporter opening a Presidential debate in 2008 with a question like this. "Senator Edwards, is it true that while your wife is dying of cancer, you are having an affair with some whacko trollop?" I'm pretty sure that never happened.

Evidently everything has changed. That's probably due to the Chosen One being in the White House. CNN and other socialists in the media realize that their guy needs another four years to finish his destruction of the nation. There may be a dollar or two somewhere that has not been squandered on a "stimulus" package. Another four years of Obama and the Communists will be leaving the country. I'll rant more another time.


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