Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back

Sitting here at my surplus store on New Year's Eve, I have ample time to reflect on the last year. A few days ago, I wrote about a sermon that pointed out that we can look at things as either burdens or blessings. With that in mind, here's my thoughts on 2011.

On the surface 2011 appears to be one of the worst years of my life, but let's apply the "burden or blessing" test and see how it turns out.

My mother died in November. Mom was suffering from multiple myeloma and had spent the last three years taking a chemo treatment every week. She also had to have frequent blood transfusions. She suffered a great deal physically and mentally the last couple of years. She's at rest in a far better place now. We are left to treasure our memories of her. Burden or blessing? It's a no-brainer, blessing.

A couple of weeks ago, I became a grandfather. Grand-Gil, for those of you wanting to know what I prefer to be called. This an easy one. Alice is a blessing, but we haven't been asked to babysit yet.

My job at T&S will be ending soon. I can get another job, I can go to school for some of that government paid retraining or I can go to work for myself. At least if I go to work for myself, it will be a good experience when I get replaced by the owner's son. This change in jobs will give me a chance to practice my "ministry" in another location. More on that in another post. Yes, it's a blessing.

This year I discovered that shirts are available in more colors than plaid. If you are a regular reader of this swill, you know the pink shirt story. Thanks to Barbara for making my pink shirts famous at Buffalo Church! I decided today that if I am working for myself, a brightly colored shirt could be my new trademark. It's a pretty safe bet that I will be the only dealer at a gun show wearing a bright pink shirt. I could also get out the yellow, green and aqua shirts. I can hear it now, "The old, bald guy in the electric pink shirt is selling ammo cans."   Blessing for me, burden for my wife?

2011 was the year that the year that I realized that I had more than one friend. Ken, I'm sorry that I had to break it to you like this. HA!! It has taken a little to get used to the idea, but I think that it is working out. I even surprised a friend or two at Christmas with gifts or cards.  Okay,  so friends have been a blessing.

I became a member at Buffalo Presbyterian this year. I volunteered to cook the Wednesday night fellowship dinners this year.  As a cook, it is gratifying to look into the fellowship hall after dinner and see all the empty plates. That is the best compliment of all. I have met lots of nice people and a couple that weren't, but it falls into the blessing category. Wait!! The Wednesday night group includes my friend, The Queen. "I cook dinner for The Queen." That should look good in my autobiography.  Since I donate my labor and  the church only pays for the actual cost of the food, they make enough money to help with some other things. It might be a blessing for Buffalo also.

I was at the doctor a couple of weeks ago and found out that my blood sugar level was up some. It has been a burden reducing my intake of sweets during the holidays. But on the blessing side, I have rediscovered my taste for pork rinds. They are carb-free. I can still have the occasional bear claw or pecan roll from Panera, so lfe is still worth living. Donut World is on the caution list. Bonus blessing, my weight dropped 6 pounds in the last week. Yes, I know that pace won't last long.

The surgeon told me last week that the tumor on my neck is rarely cancerous. Even if it is cancerous, it's still early in the game. Right now, I'm getting laughs by telling people, "Yeah, I'm getting my throat cut on the 12th." I think that it is an entertaining statement, my wife is in strong disagreement. Probably just my sense of humor.

Here's my sports reference for the day. As in the NFL's instant replay system, "Upon further review, 2011 was a good year. The decision on the field that it sucked is overturned."


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