Monday, December 05, 2011

Monday Minutiae

Kurt Busch was fired today by Roger Penske. Between Kurt and his brother Kyle, there's a gene pool in need of some chlorine! I can't hold a candle to Kurt's profane vocabulary and I once had someone threaten to wash my computer out with soap. I guess that Penske didn't want to bother with washing out Kurt's mouth.

There are a lot of people complaining about Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow praying and talking about God too much. After Sunday's win over Minnesota, the Broncos should pull a chapel onto the field before the game starts and let him pray his socks off.

Friday evening, I saw a busboy clocking in at the time clock. I saw that it was 6:12, so I asked him, "What time are you scheduled?"  He answered "Today." My son fell to the floor laughing. If the busboy's parents want to sue the college to get back the tuition that they have paid, I'm ready to testify in their behalf.

I watched the Huckabee GOP Presidential Forum on Saturday. It may be time to redefine dull. From the sad, but true department, they re-ran that show again on Sunday. It may have been worse the second time and I only watched about three minutes of it. Please, no more!!

The Post Office claims that new budget cuts will reduce mail service. What happened that reduced service in previous years? Some friends mailed me a birthday card in September. It took seven days to go six miles across town.  How much worse can service get??

In cultural news, the Buffalo Presbyterian Christmas Concert is December 11. Before you panic, I am only involved with the refreshments after the show. Mercifully, I have not been asked to sing.

Only 19 shopping days until Christmas. Remind me when we're down to two or three days. I'll start then. How long can it take to pick out a ..............????????????


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