Monday, October 31, 2011

Solyndra, Beacon and Gil's

In today's news, Beacon Power has filed for bankruptcy. They are the recipients of a government guaranteed 39.1 million dollar loan. They had the authorization to borrow up to 43 million dollars.They could have burned taxpayers for just a little more. Apparently, they couldn't sell their power at a rate that utilities would pay. Yeah, times are tough.

Solyndra closed up recently and they had a 535 million dollar government loan. There are several problems with the Obama administration and the Solyndra loan. Some hint at the possibility of corruption in the federal government. What?? I am taken aback at any suggestion of The Chosen One's administration being involved in any corruption. Can you feel the sarcasm??

After looking at these two boondoggles, my most conservative friend sent an e-mail suggesting that I take advantage of this situation. My friend suggested that I get a government loan for a few million, file for bankruptcy and retire. While many of you are scoffing at this suggestion, how hard do you think that it would be? Let's face it, all I need to do is outwit the Obama Administration. These guys never got past the lemonade stand level of actual business experience. I realize that I have never been a community organizer, but I think that I can pull off running a business. Or in Democratic terms, ruining a business.

Right now, in my spare time, I operate Gil's Military & More in Reidsville. I'm torn between changing it to Gil's Military & Energy or my favorite, Gil's Military & More Energy. I think that with a loan of 4 or 5 million dollars, I could come up with with a way to create energy from surplus camo clothing. If not, I could go broke trying. Do you see where I'm going with this?  After a quick bankruptcy filing, I could take the hidden cash and move to the mountains of North Carolina or Virginia. What would I do there? I would hire Mark Sanford, former South Carolina governor, to teach me about hiking the Appalachian Trail.


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