Saturday, October 08, 2011

Saturday Morning Confusion

First up:  In my previous post, I listed the price of the skeletons in our display case at work as being 4/$1.00. I also said that they came from the Dollar Tree. Apparently, I am wrong. My Marketing Advisor has informed me that they are actually a collection of skeletons from the closets of local politicians and are reported to include Peeping Toms and drug users. We have made a slight price adjustment to $1000 per skeleton. We will throw in the wagon if you buy all four!!

In yesterday's news, Governor Bev Perdue has announced that she is opposed to the marriage amendment scheduled for a vote in North Carolina next year.  Aunt Bev claims that the passage of this amendment will keep some companies from moving here. She said that creating jobs is her top priority. If you know of a single job that she has created in this state, please let someone know.

I see that the New York Yankees have been washed out of the playoffs again this year. I really miss George Steinbrenner on days like this. On the bright side, the grossly overpaid Alex Rodriguez has apparently begun a tradition of making the last out for the Yanks on their way out of the playoffs. This is his second year of striking out to end the Yankees season. Of course, when you hit 2 of 18 with six strikeouts in the playoffs,  it raises the possibility of you striking out to end the season.

Heading to Reidsville in a few minutes to set up for the Homegrown Festival. This is fertile ground for bloggers. I will report back in a day or two. It will probably be one of those "I love Stupid People" posts.

I have a few "Come to Jesus" conversations scheduled for employees who seem to be having attendance problems and performance issues. So if you work for me and you are reading this on your phone, here's a tip. Put the phone away and get busy. NOW!!

Here's my personal story of brain fatigue. I work on a "need to know" basis when it comes to technology issues. I bought a new laptop about three months ago. Trying to sort out a problem a few minutes ago, I discovered that my laptop has a webcam. That's scary!!


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