Sunday, October 30, 2011

The week in Review

I was on vacation this week. We had originally planned to go to Pigeon Forge for a few days, but my mother's health took a downward turn last week. So we went to Fort Walton Beach to see her instead. We did mange to swing by Pigeon Forge on the way home.

If you saw my previous post, you know that a restaurant in Fort Walton has "free chicken balls". I am sure that it is better than it sounds, it has to be!!

Should you get to Fort Walton, I suggest that you visit Cakemasters bakery on Beal Parkway. I recommend the cream horns or the Napoleons. Actually, I recommend just about everything that they make. While on vacation, I don't worry about the diabetes.

I caught up a little on politics this week. I like Herman Cain, but I have doubts that he is electable. Of course, there is plenty of time for that to work out. What do I know about electability? Obama is President.

Twelve more Americans died in Afghanistan the other day when a suicide bomber attacked a convoy. Why are we still there? Bring our troops home and bomb that crap hole back into the Dark Ages. Let the survivors decide who produces the opium.

I watched the last four innings of Game 7 of the World Series on Thursday night. I used to love to play baseball as a boy. I even played one year of Little League. That bit of info is for those of you who believe that I "do not play well with others". Anyway, I think that the intentional walk is the dumbest play in baseball. On Thursday night, the Rangers used the intentional walk to load the bases with two outs. The pitcher  proceeded to walk the next batter and then hit the next batter to allow two runs to score. If your goal is to keep the other team from scoring, why put someone on base??

We spent Thursday night in Pigeon Forge. When we got up Friday morning, it was cold and raining. Anxious to do my part to stimulate the local economy, we went shopping. If you haven't been to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works, go there. It's about 100,000 square feet of cutting tools. They even have a great kitchen department. I love it!! I picked up enough pocket knives to carry a different one each day for a lot of days.

I just saw a commercial for "A very Harold and Kumar Christmas". It's rated R. Are you kidding me? A Christmas movie rated R?  I am obviously out of the loop on this one.

I attended Sunday School today for the first time ever at Buffalo and the first time in about 10 years. It was really good. My friend, the piano player, had failed to tell me that there would be singing during Sunday School. Luckily, there were enough other voices to cover the horrible sound of my voice.

As long as I am telling you how badly I sing, let me make a point. Wayne, you are wasting your time trying to convince me to join the choir. If you don't believe me, I will let The Queen listen to me sing one day and she can tell you. Trust me, you don't want to hear me sing.

Since I didn't work today, I did what other people do on Sunday. I met my wife and son for breakfast after they went to Mass and before I went to Sunday School. So this is what normal people do??

Rick Perry has admitted that he is not a skilled debater. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Memo to Rick: I don't care what y'all do in Texas, tell me what you want to do with the country.

How about that snowstorm this weekend in the Northeast? New records were set for October snowfall. Where's that global warming when you need it?

Tomorrow is Halloween. This is one holiday that has really grown in the last few years. Americans are  spending more than a BILLION dollars on children's costumes this year. I guess that throwing a sheet over your head and being a ghost isn't good enough anymore. Years ago, I worked for a company where I was the only straight guy in upper management. The gay guys there all celebrated Halloween for days. That's a story for another post.

The Panthers lost again today. In other news, the sun has set in the west.


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