Friday, October 21, 2011

Obama was here!!

Obama was in Greensboro on Monday and Tuesday. He and his entourage stayed at the Proximity Hotel, around the corner from the restaurant. I was concerned that he might stop in for breakfast on Tuesday. I was unsure about how to show the proper mixture of courtesy and contempt. They stopped by a health club instead. Thank God.

The security for a presidential visit is staggering. They close highways and block off streets. Basically a visit from Obama screws up every one's day.

They are trying to protect the President's life so they move him around in a high profile bus that can be picked out from passing planes. Does that make sense? They don't announce his route, but when you see deputies or troopers every quarter mile on U.S. 29, even the slow among us can figure out what's happening. Why not just put him into a minivan and have a couple of unmarked cars accompany it?? That will attract much less attention than a multi-million dollar bus and a convoy of cop cars. Did I mention that it will save tons of money? Did I mention that it would ease the strain that the current system places on residents?

In an age of terrorism threats, wouldn't it be smarter to take a low profile approach as opposed to one that screams, "Here comes Obama!!" Wait! That would reduce the number of government employees involved in this effort  We can't consider cutting government spending, can we?

When we elect a president, we need to send him to the White House and tell him to get to work. When he's finished in four years, he can visit Greensboro. Not before.


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