Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy What??

Apparently there is an "Occupy Greensboro" rally in downtown Greensboro tomorrow afternoon. These are not the brightest stars in the sky. Tomorrow is Homecoming at North Carolina A & T University. With that going on, no one will even notice the Occupy Greensboro crowd. Just a warning for protesters, I strongly suggest that you not blockade any places selling liquor or other alcoholic beverages. Don't get between the homecoming crowd and a party.

Last week in Reidsville, a young lady came up and asked "How much do those books be on that shelf marked Free Books?" I wanted to make sure that she understood my response so I chose my words carefully. I responded, "It  be just like the sign say. They be free." She grabbed one and left.

We are having a "Pumpkin Patch" at church for the next couple of weeks. I volunteered to work there on Sunday afternoon. As a new Presbyterian, I have an etiquette question. What is the proper gun to carry to a church Pumpkin Patch? 

We have had two air conditioning units at church destroyed for the copper in the last two months. I don't know if they have caught the thief yet, but if he comes back on Sunday afternoon, his career is over. I haven't decided what to carry, but rest assured, I'm carrying enough to win.

Last Sunday I wore a pink shirt and tie to church on Sunday. I still had it on when I arrived at home Sunday evening. When I walked into the house, my wife was on the kitchen phone. She pointed at my shirt and tie and made a face. She was on the phone with one of my sons. She said to him, "The Easter Bunny is here. Talk to him." Then she handed me the phone. My son asked "Are you wearing a pink shirt?"  "Of course." I don't think that she is going to ever like the pink shirts. Upon hearing the story, a friend remarked that everyone loves the Easter Bunny. It will be easier for this Easter Bunny to just change clothes before going home next time.

Sheriff B.J. Barnes was the speaker at our Wednesday dinner. I'll be kind, he's a good politician. It was a partisan crowd for him. I left a couple of questions in the bag for the next time.


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