Saturday, December 03, 2011

Cain Wasn't Able

Catchy title, right?? But before someone points it out to me, the Biblical pair was Cain and Abel.

Yes, Herman Cain wasn't able to go the distance in the Presidential campaign. With his wife standing beside him, Herman "suspended" his campaign today. We didn't need Daniel to read the handwriting on the wall to see that one coming.

The latest woman to surface with a claim about a long term affair with Herman was the final nail in his campaign coffin. I was impressed by her frankness in discussing their relationship. She said that it wasn't a love affair, it was a sexual relationship. But wait!! If he was providing her with financial support and she was providing him with sex, doesn't that just make her a hooker?? Of course, that also makes Herman her john, client, or whatever word you prefer. Go figure!!

Herman's real problem was that he was a black guy running as a Republican. The media guys and their idols, The Democrats, could not handle a black, conservative Republican. So they set about to destroy him. They should have applied the same rules to Herman's private life that they did to the lives of Clinton, Edwards and Kennedy. It's amazing that they could dig up stuff about Cain from the 1990's, but never noticed that John Edwards was sleeping with a nutcase while his wife was dying of cancer and he was running for President. There is a class act. Herman will have to go a long way to top that. Cain won't make it to the Oval Office, so unlike Clinton there will be no Monica Lewinsky under the desk in his future. Do I even need to discuss the Kennedys?? Even the slow among you must be familiar with their antics.

In retrospect, I wish that Herman had been truthful from the start. Wouldn't that have been refreshing?? Are politicians even capable of honesty or do they just tell us what they think that we want to hear? People everywhere made fun of former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford when his affair made the news. I even made a couple of jokes about him. At least, Sanford was honest. He told us that he was in love with the woman in Argentina. Not since the Duke of Windsor has a public official been that honest about a relationship with a woman. I would rather see a man give up everything for the love of a woman, than have him lie to me just to get elected. Cain wasn't able.


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