Monday, January 23, 2012


I am hacking out this swill as I watch the Republican Presidential debate from Tampa. It's kind of like professional wrestling for political junkies.

Here's a few observations from this ringside spectator.

Rick Santorum - This guy is so lacking in passion that I cannot believe that he and his wife have seven children. Maybe they were adopted!! Santorum looks barely old enough to vote, much less run for President. Come back when you're older, kid. In an unrelated matter, Santorum's best finish in South Carolina was in York County (My family's home.) He got 25% of the vote there. With relatives still living there, I will decline to comment on the vote results.

Mitt Romney- Romney's claim to fame is that the nomination should be his because it's his turn. As close as I can tell, he forgot to tell Newt.  Romney looks like he should be married to Barbie or whoever that is posing as Newt's wife. Mitt seems to have trouble interacting with humans. This comment  from a guy with a tattoo that reads "Does Not Play Well with Others."

Newt Gingrich-  I have already bashed his wife so what's left? I won't bother mention his weight and poor fitting clothing. Maybe my fashion consultant could help with his appearance. I will forward her name and number to the current Mrs. Gingrich, whoever that may be. Newt has improved his performance of late. Obviously he's a money player. He has that "fire in the belly" that it will take to win.

Ron Paul-  So this is what I'll be like when I get older. His "electability" is only slightly higher than my own. I loved his answers to all of the questions. Here's what scares me most about Paul, I like what he has to say. Watch out!!! If only he weren't from Texas.


At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Gilbert,
First, thank you for these blogs; they're precisely what I'd expect from you: Fair-minded, intelligent and good humored.
Second, since you know my political leanings, maybe it will mean something to you if I tell that I think you are remarkably electable! If you ran for office I'd vote for you because I'd trust your intentions (damn your politics). Seriously, have you ever considered running for local office?
Third, and finally, I'm shocked you will no longer be at Tex and Shirley's. You were, quite honestly, the finest manager I ever worked for and the personality you brought to the restaurant absolutely defined the place for me. I regularly tell people that T&S was the most enjoyable work I ever did and that was largely because of you. I catch myself wanting to be a bit critical of the reasons you are no longer there - I think I'll forego the urge just because the spirit of your blog seems to defy things that are small and mean.
I hope you and yours are well and I hope you're looking forward to the next chapter

My best to you Gilbert,
Davis Lee


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