Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday Taunts

It has been a busy day for "The One" as the governor of his state and fellow Democrat was arrested by federal agents for trying to sell Obama's Senate seat. Only fools and Democrats are surprised to hear of corruption in Illinois politics. Chicago is the land of the voting dead, ask anyone who has run against the incumbents there. I am sure that there is absolutely no connection between between the governor and Obama. I am also sure that I ran into Elvis at Krispy Kreme last night.

Barack is evidently a contraction or shorthand for Backtrack. Since his election, Obama has been backtracking at the speed of sound. By Christmas, he will have denied everything that he said during his three year campaign.

Obama has become so much like Clinton that he has a new nickname among insiders. This was revealed during a recent press conference when a reporter yelled, "Hey Bubba!" Obama turned and asked, "What's your question?"

Reports that Monica Lewinsky was seen at the Los Angeles airport buying a ticket to Washington, D.C. remain unconfirmed.

With only six weeks until his inauguration, Obama has kicked off his 2012 re-election campaign. The mulatto Moses has started telling his followers that the new world will not begin January 20. They will need to wander the desert for four years or so. He is now telling his disciples that it is going to take a long time to change everything that he has promised to change. He can't do it all in four years. Hell, he couldn't do everything that he promised if you gave him four hundred years.

Among the most disturbing rumors is that Caroline Kennedy may be appointed to replace Hillary Clinton in the US Senate. Apparently the qualifications for a US Senate seat representing New York have been downgraded to just having a pulse and a pussy. The other New York Senator, Charlie Schumer, should be able to keep his seat by getting a good pacemaker installed.

"Change you can believe in" The only change that we are sure to have will be the coins in your pocket that will be the remains of your paycheck.

I keep hearing people who tell me how much the Europeans like Obama. Maybe he should run for something over there.


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