Thursday, July 05, 2012


Andy Griffith died the other day. I'm surprised that we haven't had a national day of mourning proclaimed. I am  underwhelmed by many of the comments about him.

Let's make a reality check. Andy Griffith played Andy Taylor on television. Here's a news flash for what appears to be most of the nation. Andy Taylor was a fictional character. That means that Andy Griffith was not exactly like Andy Taylor.

Andy Griffith supported Bev Perdue in her campaign  for the governor's office in North Carolina. Andy Griffith supported Obama for President. Andy Griffith supported Obamacare and even made a commercial about Medicare and Obamacare. How many of these do you think that Andy Taylor would have supported?

If Griffith is Catholic, he's on the way to sainthood. Apparently, he has done everything except cure cancer. Do you think that there's a chance that we have put him on a pedestal?

People are writing tributes to St. Andy about how he changed their lives. It was a ##@@**## television show for God's sake. Get a life!!


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