Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do I miss??

Saturday evening I received a phone call from an employee at Tex & Shirley's. You know that they had to be special if they had my phone number! During our conversation they asked, "Do you miss Tex & Shirley's?" Easy question, tough answer. I tried to explain how I felt, but am unsure as to how successful I was. So I am giving it another try today

Do I miss Tex & Shirley's? Yes, no, maybe. Before I left, I received an e-mail from a friend. It ended with this advice from the friend's sister, a minister: "Sometimes God forces us to do something that we would have never thought of doing. That is the right thing for us." I got that advice on November 5 and I have stuck with it ever since. There's the impetus for my long range plan in life.

I don't miss the stress associated with operating a business in the "Obama" economy. I don't miss the few customers who thought that the price of a meal included the right to abuse the staff and management. I don't miss people calling in sick. I don't miss people who can't get to work on time. I really don't miss dealing with the Child Support Enforcement folks or the morons at the Employment Security Commission. The morons at the ESC decided that an employee arrested in the parking lot for felony possession of marijuana was eligible for unemployment compensation or as they call it in Florida now, "re-employment assistance". They ruled that dealing drugs in the parking lot "did not rise to the level of misconduct." I guess that it would require a capital crime.

What else don't I miss? I don't miss people with bad attitudes, bad breath and bad habits. I don't miss being disappointed by people that you try to help, only to catch them stealing from you. William P. leaps to mind on that one. I don't miss long days caused by poor attendance habits of employees. I don't miss people who won't wash their hands. I don't miss cooks and waitresses arguing. Wait!! I may miss that just a little. I don't miss people who won't use the ice scoop.

Is there anything that I miss?? Yes, I miss my friends. I miss the employees who were my extended family. I  miss the opportunity to help people. I miss the early morning calm of the restaurant at around 4:30 A.M. when I was the only one there. I miss the satisfaction of compliments from customers. I miss the smell of coffee in the morning and I don't even drink the stuff.

I don't know what my son William's going to decorate at Christmas. The Christmas in July celebrations are probably over. How will Ed Andrews take that news? No Magic Cookie bars. No lemon pound cake and cookies. No lemon bars. No scones and sweet potato cookies. I'll have to go out for prime rib on Valentine's and Father's Day. Or I will just cook for Vickie and Rick on those days. I am getting hungry just writing this. This does explain why I have lost 10 pounds since leaving. I may serve wings and watermelon on the Fourth at the store. I'll let you know.

Is there anything else specific that I miss? Of course there is, so hang on. It's in no particular order or significance. If I leave you out, I'm sorry. I will try again later. I miss talking to regular customers. I miss talking to The Queen about politics and current events. I miss swapping gun info with Tom.  I miss listening to Craig struggling to tell a joke. I miss Mary telling my Aunt Kitty, "You're too nice to be related to Gilbert." I miss answering Susan E's questions about everything. I miss being Lesley's "meat consultant." I miss watching Michael struggle with the crossword puzzle. Sure that you don't want me to do that? I miss Susan A. wanting sweet potato cookies.I miss watching Anna walk with those prissy little steps. I miss Linda too. HUH!!

I miss picking Shaun up at 5:00 A.M.on Tuesday. I even miss Charles, the Hashbrown Nazi.  I miss Bobby AKA "L.A.", "Fabio', "Chef Bobby" or "Fat Boy". This is taking way too much space, let's change the format. I'll just give a name and a brief comment or smart remark.

Here we go-
Anna- My fashion consultant. Thanks for everything. White or dark chicken??
Louise Hight- compliments on shirts
Tom Hight- concealed carry and gun talk
Joel Fleishman- My sarcasm and insult mentor for 21 years. More on him in another post.
The Burlington Industry guys on the first Monday- great conversations about business and social issues
Peggy and Bobby- Lemon bars and knives, in that order.
The girls from The Mangos office and Laura and Lindsay- Funny conversation- Lindy rubbing Bobby's hand
Betty- Toy talk
College Park Men's group- Thanks for the dollar Denver!! Loretta will outlast you guys for that table.
Loretta- Stay in your seat! Anna will get that diet syrup.
Talmage- Sorry about the diamond thing, Honey(or Shirley).
Brittany C- Don't hug me!
Gainey- Put some gas in that Caddy! You can stop calling me Daddy!!
JoElle, Leigh, Erica, Jamacus, Mari, Dwayne, Kelly- Put those cellphones away!
Ginger- Thanks for the entertainment.
Paula- I don't care what the waitstaff tells you about seating. Yes, the employee meeting, "I don't care...."
Lesley- I mentioned the cookie bars. I'm not going to sue.
Dwayne-  Get a name tag that says, "I'm not Will Smith."
Lainey- My second favorite Carroll. I will leave out comments about your old boyfriend. I'm sure that you're the only girl he ever dated.
Patrick- If you weren't from Jersey, you would be OK.
Tyler- Keep up the good job. Anna owes me a suit!!
Elaine- You are right about the cornbread!!
Lacy- Thank You notes and "What care I?"
Woody Starnes - Best delivery man in 40 years.
Anne and Charlie- Thanks for the hat and the medical advice. Someone referred to Anne as my nurse.
The guy at table #7 early on Sunday- Miss our sports talk on Sunday!
Mike- Thanks for keeping Michael Joyce in line
Bubba- Thanks for the info on Halyburton.
Kate and Dennis Duquette- Thanks for the peanuts.
Al and Brenda Taylor- Don't forget to call me before the auction!
Frank M.- No, you can't take that cloth napkin at the Christmas thing. Looking back, I should have let you take it.
Charles- (Hashbrown Nazi) Thanks for being dependable.
Robert B. Thanks for that compliment on my last Wednesday
Ann and Ron- You will only have Jeff to talk sports with now.
Jeff- Walter suggested "Go Wolfpack!!"

That's it for today. There are hundreds of "Thank You's" left unsaid. Maybe another time.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Lindsay Peters said...

This may be my favorite blog of yours. Yes I read your blog... Believe it or not you actually were a big influence on my life and I always admired your hard ass attitude and loyalty. Plus my dad absolutely loved you right before he died we were talking a lot about text and Shirley's and you were by far his favorite -Lindsay B


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