Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday Thoughts June 28

I watched about 30 minutes of live video online from Portland, Oregon today. This was where Federal Police officers ended the blockade of the federal building containing the ICE office.

Nothing amazed me more than the pure stupidity demonstrated by the protesters. And that was before they opened their mouths. You won't build bridges by screaming "mother fucker" at those on the police line. I saw protesters screaming into the faces of police officers who were just standing their quietly doing their jobs. Is this that "conversation" that liberals all claim that we need to have? Do the protesters honestly believe that they will change the minds of those police officers by ridiculing them?

Just a few other observations on the video today. Don't these people have jobs? I realize that it is just an observation, but the percentage of protesters who smoke seems to be above the national average. What kind of idiot takes their children with them to witness their parents being idiots at a demonstration? What moron waves an "ANTIFA International" flag?

Portland is one of the whitest major cities in America. There were actually more black police officers there than there were demonstrators. I saw two black demonstrators. One was a woman who kept lobbing those F-bombs. Then there was some tall goofball who danced in front of the police line.

Turning my attention to the rest of the side show cast, there was a large woman who was wearing some kind of open vest with nothing on under it.  I wasn't sure if this indicated that it was milking time or what. This crowd was not the people that I see out in public. If you have been to a Wal-Mart after midnight, you have seen some of the better dressed ones. It's kind of hard to take a crowd that looks like that seriously.

You could spot the ANTIFA guys in the crowd. They are the ones with the "masks" covering their mouths and chins. Of course, I saw several of these folks pull their masks down to take a drag on a cigarette. It kind of makes the mask useless when you appear on the Internet with your mask down smoking. You are obviously not smart enough to actually conceal your identity.

What did I learn from all of this protest viewing?
Liberalism is a mental disorder. (We will explore this more in a future post.)

One last note on ANTIFA.


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