Sunday, June 03, 2018

Random Thoughts on Sunday

I leave the television off on Sunday morning rather than risk a chance sighting of Chuck Todd. Chuck purports to tell you nothing but facts, but cannot admit to being bald.

Hillary Clinton is still working the "Bash Trump Circuit". This more than a year and a half after telling us all on national television, "Anyone who will not accept the results of this election is a threat to democracy." Wow!! Who knew then that she would criticize herself like that??

My beloved and I went to the semi-annual Dublin Va. Flea Market  that is sponsored by the Lions Club. If you want to know where the real America is, go to a place like that. Not to mention that there were a lot of great deals. The line to get the homemade, fresh kettle corn was unbelievable!!

I tossed in the towel on Facebook the other day. I feel some of the brain cells starting to regenerate already.

A news story today told of how the number of teenagers getting summer jobs is declining steadily. This is not news to me. Teenagers have trouble working a summer job into their vacation time. Just another reason that the educational system does not prepare students for real life. Why do we keep the same educational calendar as when the economy was based on agriculture?? Teachers have at least 60 days of vacation a year, soldiers have 30 days a year. What's wrong with this picture??

My Aunt Kitty is at her home with Hospice helping care for her. My two sisters and a nephew are staying with her to care for her  as she transitions to a new zip code. She's the last of my mother's siblings. I have been there several times to visit with her and my sisters. The Greatest Generation is fading away. If you have something to tell a loved one, do it while they are still here with you. Nothing is sadder than seeing a person at a funeral cry and wail about what they "wish" that they had done. Today is the day to say "Thank You" or "I Love You".

When I was in Hillsville, Virginia last week, I noticed that the school buses were running on Memorial Day. I asked a local who told me that they had to make up a snow day, so they were going on Memorial Day. I told him that I would not send my children to school on Memorial Day. The only reason those schools are able to operate is the sacrifices of those we honor on Memorial Day. Have we lost focus on the meaning of Memorial Day?? When I worked in Greensboro, I asked an employee about the meaning of Memorial Day. His response, "That's the day the pools open.". Let's review that educational calendar again.

David Tepper has been approved as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers. Like they needed another liberal Yankee to move to Charlotte?  I am thinking of running for NC governor with a plan to wall off Charlotte and the entire Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area from the rest of the state. Asheville is pretty well hemmed in by the mountains, maybe they won't spread. The first step in eradicating a disease is to separate those who are carriers.

That's it for today.


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