Friday, June 08, 2018

Friday - Why? Day

In North Carolina the Voter ID concept is stirring up the press again. Why is it racist to require identification to vote? You have to show an ID AND have a background check to purchase a gun. That's also a constitutional right.There is no one claiming that is racist. You need an ID to enter many government buildings, is that racist? You need an ID to purchase beer, wine, and liquor. Is that racist? If 95% of blacks voted Republican, would liberals be opposed to Voter ID??

Why are people surprised that the information we put online is being leaked? If you tell a friend something, are you surprised when they tell others? The Internet is the "information super highway". When you made the decision to take that on ramp, you gave up your privacy. Why are we surprised??

Why are we surprised to find out that Mark Zuckerberg lied in his appearance before Congress?

Why aren't there affirmative action programs in the NFL or the NBA?? Why do people push NASCAR for diversity but not the NBA?

Why doesn't the DOJ and their antitrust people investigate Facebook as a monopoly?

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton just shut up and go away? Is she waiting for them to rig the 2020 Primary season for her to get nominated again?

Why hasn't Bill Clinton just given up on this new book tour? It's not like he needs the money. He could go give a few speeches in Russia and make more than he will from the book.

LeBron James?? Why is his team down 3-0 in the championship series?? Oh yeah, he endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Why don't Americans save more of their money? The government encourages us to save, but then taxes the interest that you earn. Guess I answered my own question.

When I was a kid in Tampa, they would regularly have editorials on the 6:00 news. The station manager would speak about different issues with it clearly labeled as an editorial. They would tell you that this was the opinion of the management and ownership of the station.  Why don't they do this today?

Why do all of the local news programs have two anchors? Is there more news?

Why do they find all of  these anorexic young women to read the news?  There is a woman on Fox 8 that every time I see her, I have the same thought. Why doesn't someone feed this girl??

Why doesn't Monica Lewinsky write a response to Hillary's "What Happened?".

Why doesn't the press acknowledge that Trump is making more progress with North Korea than any other President?

Why do people pay for Alexa to wiretap their homes?? I guess that you are trying to save the government some money.


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