Monday, June 04, 2018

Monday Moans and Groans

I read the news this morning only to find out that the famed liberal entertainer Jon Stewart is defending Samantha Bee and her attack on Ivanka Trump. Stewart claims that this is all part of a "game" that conservatives play claiming to be "victims". If it's a game, how did the conservatives get Samantha Bee to throw out the first pitch??

A Democrat Senator from Oregon, Jeff Merkley, broadcast live from outside an immigrant detention center in Texas yesterday. He was denied entrance. Being a member of the legislative branch does not guarantee one access to any place that one desires to go. He had to broadcast his liberal swill from outside. Why not just contact Donald Trump ahead of time and see if you can visit??

Yesterday's NASCAR race from Pocono was broadcast on FS1. Meanwhile, over on Fox they were broadcasting an LPGA tournament. I don't get FS1 so I had no television programming to sleep by. I have a fear a being bored to death by golf, so I just turned off the television.

On the news the other night, Mitch McConnell was giving a speech with some pointers to the President about making a deal with North Korea. Mitch telling Trump how to make a deal?? You're kidding me, right? Mitch who can't get a budget passed? Mitch who can't get appointees confirmed by the Senate? Mitch who still thinks that Susan Collins is a Republican?? Evidently, Mitch has been watching Jon Stewart.

In the 2016 campaign Hillary Clinton spoke endlessly about her diplomatic skills in foreign policy. She ranted (and continues to rant) that other nations will not respect us because of Trump. How about all of the Democrats attacking Trump when he cancelled the summit a couple of weeks ago? Heard from those folks lately??  Did Obama take his "Let Me Bow to You" world tour to North Korea? I'm sorry, I forgot that there aren't many Muslims in North Korea. Anyway, to get back on topic, so who will be the first US President to meet with a North Korean head of state? As of today, Donald Trump. I realize that there is still time for it all to blow up. If it does, I am sure that Trump will get the blame.

I read a quote from Chuck Todd where he said that the NFL owners sided with white people in the national anthem protest issue.  Liberals, they just have to keep stirring the pot!! 


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