Sunday, August 13, 2017

Constitutional Crisis in Charlottesville

I am staunchly opposed to the views of white supremacists. I have spoken on national television about my views on white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. My views have not changed any. Having said that, I feel that the events this weekend in Charlottesville are a travesty of justice and are contrary to our Constitution.

The First Amendment guarantees us the right to freedom of speech. However, in the 21st Century, "Progressives" in the legislatures and the courts have decided that "freedom of speech" is only for mainstream opinions. They don't believe that every citizen has the right to voice their opinion. You can say anything you want as long as they agree with it. One need only look at scores of events since the Democrats lost the election of 2016 for evidence of this fact. College towns, like Charlottesville,where people are supposed to learn, may be the worst offenders.

The white nationalist group had secured the required permits for their march. The Virginia Law Enforcement people had the legal responsibility to protect those marchers from the "peaceful" counter protesters. Yet despite that, the marchers were hit with objects thrown by the "peaceful" protesters. I would hazard a guess that in almost every jurisdiction in the nation, throwing an object at someone and hitting them is a crime. How many counter protesters were arrested and charged??

Having failed to protect the White Nationalists from the "peaceful" counter protesters, the police then cancelled their scheduled rally. If they had let them assemble, as is their right, we could have all listened and decided for ourselves that they are idiots. How do you make them go away? Don't give them any attention. I will send that thought to CNN and the other endless news networks.

If you don't believe that this is a travesty of justice, ask yourself this question. What would have happened if the roles had been reversed? If the "progressives" were the ones marching and the white supremacists had been the counter-protesters, would the events had been handled the same? If the white supremacists had been throwing objects at the "progressives", would the police have done more than they did yesterday?  If a "progressive" had driven his car into a group of white supremacists, would Terry McAuliffe and the news media have had the same reaction??

Our government does the same thing that we always accuse foreign governments and despots of doing. The government suppresses the voices of those with different views. It is not just white supremacists, it is everyone who holds a minority opinion. Has there ever been a pro-abortion demonstrator jailed??

The news media has focused on the psycho who drove his car into the crowd and killed one person and injured several. How about more coverage on what led up to that?

In this nation, we allow people who have come to this country illegally to assemble and march in protest. So why do we tell citizens that they have no right to assemble and march? Do they not have the same rights as people who are here illegally? Are you kidding me?? How about some stories about the counter protesters and how they ended up in Charlottesville?

Before anyone wastes their time telling about the evil and violent white nationalists, a simple question. When did a rally of white nationalists end with them looting and burning businesses??

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