Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

I was at the flea market at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh on Saturday. It was just another day to remind me of the "dumbing down" of America.

The first "Huh?" incident of the day came early. A guy asked if I had any ponchos. I told them that I had U.S. Army ponchos in woodland camo and Swiss ponchos in Alpenflage. He asked if I had any ponchos in desert camo. After first confirming that he was serious in his inquiry, I tactfully pointed out that you rarely need a poncho in the desert. Even our government won't waste money for ponchos in the desert. He walked away with a confused look on his face. What really drives me crazy about this is that someone in Reidsville asked me the same question about a month ago.

There was quite a crowd there. The NC Department of Agriculture was having a "Got to be NC" food festival promoting foods produced here. There was also a boat show and a women's roller derby game at the Fairgrounds. Roller Derby girls? Yes, Roller Derby girls. You don't need to be a Rhodes Scholar to spot them. Nothing has changed about those girls since Jim Croce sang about them in the early 1970's.

I hate hot weather. People feel compelled to expose way too much flesh in public places. In the space on one side of me yesterday were an older couple and their daughter. The daughter appeared to be my age. She was under dressed for an outing to the beach. She was wearing a very small pair of shorts and a smaller top. When I was twenty, there was a five dollar cover charge and a two drink minimum to get into a club to see women dressed like that. At the flea market yesterday, it was free. The view wasn't worth the price.

I despise the History Channel's show "American Picker". Since that show started, I cannot spend a day at any flea market without some **##@@##  telling me, "I'm a picker."  They want me to sell them things cheaply so that they can resell them. Unfortunately for them, I'm not on TV.  I simply point out (tactfully, of course) that I am a retailer and not a wholesaler. Consequently, I do not give a rat's behind whether or not they make any money.

Today at Buffalo, we had "Meatballs and a Musical". Yes a spaghetti lunch and a presentation by " Buffalo's Brightest Star". Good spaghetti, great meatballs and sauce, incredible desserts. I loved the peanut butter pie. Wait!! Did I mention that I prepared the desserts? With that display of modesty, this post will end.


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