Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Stuff

Newsweek's latest issue features the Chosen One on the cover. Obama is called America's first "Gay President". There's something that most people would not put on their resume.  But his resume is so thin, that it could use the help.

If you missed Newsweek, Obama was on "The View" today. Obviously, Newsweek was correct.

The governor of Mississippi spoke with Ma Bev, our governor, yesterday. Governor Bryant was a little upset that Ma Bev had told a group last week that by passing the marriage amendment we "looked like Mississippi". Don't you just love how liberals act when things don't go there way??

In Guilford county, the amendment passed by 42 votes, breaking the hearts of liberals across Greensboro. The amendment failed in most counties with large urban populations. Those city people are so much more sophisticated than those of us out in the country.

Last Wednesday was the last Fellowship Dinner until September at Buffalo. I guess that I will talk to myself on Wednesday nights until September. I only have to cook for two or three over the summer. Maybe, I can use the rest?

Worked out in the yard cutting and burning today. This lumberjack work is more manual labor than I am accustomed to normally. But I must admit that cranking up the chain saw does boost that testosterone level!!

With not anything else left to write tonight, I will close with a picture of baby Alice. With that happy look on her face, I can only assume that someone is holding a cake off-camera.


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