Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lyin' Of the Senate??

Fat Teddy assumed room temperature a couple of weeks ago. This was only a few weeks after the fortieth anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. As I watched both Democrats and Republicans gush about all of the wonderful things that Fat Teddy had done, I wondered why no one mentioned Mary Jo.

Kennedy had spent 47 years in the Senate. We would all be better off if he had been forced to get a job instead. He's a case for term limits.

Kennedy was described as being the best of the Senate. That's kind of like being the smartest kid in the Special Ed class.

If I had to watch one more Republican say nice things about Kennedy, I would have lost my lunch. Their statements confirm that there is no difference between the two parties. I may have to become a Liberterian. Don't get excited, Walter.

The Democrats are going to use Kennedy as a martyr to help pass their "healthcare" bill. Is there an alcohol treatment benefit in that bill? How about a drowning benefit? Kennedy Care, the health care reform we can all live without.

Kennedy was unique in one aspect. No one else has ever driven on that bridge in Chappaquidick.

Talking to my mother the other night, we were discussing the death of Fat Teddy. In what will be my final remark on this, I told her, "If there were any real justice in this world, they would have buried that son of a bitch at sea. Just taken him out and tossed his ass overboard." Mom suggested that I switch to decaf.


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