Friday, June 01, 2012

Bloomberg & Edwards

Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City, wants to outlaw large soft drinks with your meals at New York City restaurants, stadiums, theaters and street vending carts. The Fuhrer of New York City thinks that 16 ounces of Pepsi or Coke is all that you need. Apparently seconds are permissible, as is a second cup, so what is the rationale behind this?  Bloomberg believes that people in New York City are not smart enough to decide how much to drink. Note that there is no limit imposed in New York City on how large a glass of beer or wine may be served.

Michael Bloomberg is living proof that stupidity has no cure. Einstein is reputed to have said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the universe." He must have met Bloomberg at some point!

Bloomberg supports same sex marriage because as he says "Government shouldn't tell you whom to marry." This is the same man who believes that the government should tell you how big a cup of Coca-Cola you should drink?  With Bloomberg gay sex is good, Coca-Cola is bad. You have to wonder about that guy. Apparently the Mayor's views on the government running your life are mixed.

Times like this make me appreciate life in The South. You can carry both a gun and a Big Gulp and not break the law. Bloomberg's new law would impact sweet tea if they had it, but they are too sophisticated for that. I wonder if there are any Bojangles operating in New York City.

This is obviously an anti-Southern law as both Coca-Cola and Pepsi originated in the South. Pepsico is now headquartered in Purchase, NY near New York City. They should move.

Actually, this only confirms what we all know. There is no aspect of your life that is too small for the government to want to control.

The trial of John Edwards ended with a mistrial yesterday in Greensboro. Yes, the biggest financial boon for downtown Greensboro in years has come to an end. I passed the site the other day. It was like Ringling Brothers had come back to town.

Hopefully the Breck Girl will fade into oblivion now, never to torment the people of North Carolina again. This is what happens when you elect a personal injury attorney to the Senate.

Unable to convict the dirtbag on any of the charges against him, the jury should have just rendered a verdict of being a lowlife on Edwards. Thank God that he was never elected President. We would have Rielle Hunter as the First Nutcase.


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